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Xavier's to Tagore: Muktapushpa

Press Release

It is a matter of pride that St. Xavier's Collegiate School is the first school in India to release a CD titled, Xavier's to Tagore: Muktapushpa, devoted to Kavi Guru Rabindranath Tagore in collaboration with HMV Sa Re Ga Ma.
This auspicious occasion was graced by Prof. Krishna Bose as Chief Guest. Other eminent dignitaries who present were present are Rev. Fr. Rev. Fr. George Ponodath, S.J. (Rector), Rev. Fr. K.K. Devasy (Principal), Rev. Fr. Sebastian James (Vice Principal), Honorary Secretary (ALSOC) Mr. Noomi Mehta and Mr. Karim (Chief Content Manager, Sa Re Ga Ma).

This programme is an offering to Kavi Guru Rabindranath Tagore from the students St. Xavier's Collegiate School, Kolkata. Tagore himself studied in this school and fondly recorded his memories in 'Jibon Smriti', which was published

exactly 100 years back, in 1912. In this era of modernization and westernization, Kavi Guru Rabindranath Tagore evokes us to be proud of one's culture and nation.


CD Release Speech by AkashDeep

It all began with Sansriti '10. After having organized a 2-day cultural festival on Rabindranath Tagore, we felt the need and urge to do just a little more for this illustrious alumnus of our 151 year old school.

One day Father Sebastian James, our most respected Vice-Principal, conceived the idea of compiling a music album, which, though was very welcome to us (Suprovo and me), but the pressure of ISC had put us off for the time-being. After the ISC was over, we had 3 months to go forward with this new project.

After a lot of discussions, disagreements, petty fights, and things of the like, we finally agreed on the point that the script should be based on our life in school. Accordingly, the script was written, we had a large number of highly enjoyable practice sessions, numerous discussions and emails among, Joy, Navneet and me over translating the songs to English.

We worked somewhat like this, I used translate a particular song and send it over to Joy, he would introduce necessary changes, then Navneet would read it and introduce more changes, and as a final point, we had Mr. Miller go over the translations we presented.

After all this, finally the date '2nd June 2011' came when we would record the songs and poems. Here, I must mention that the week we spent at the studio is just unforgettable!

We were expectant of a highly professional atmosphere, but the ambience we got at De Ambience was one, in which we enjoyed perhaps much more than at the practices….tons of thanks to Mr. Debasish Saha, our music arranger, and Mr. Jayanta Das, our recordist.

An outsider would think that even they were of our age for the hours of the day when they stayed with us! Thank you
Debasish da and Naru kaku.

There are a few more people whom I must thank ....

  • Father Jerome Francis, the former Principal, who had sown the seeds of this project.
  • Father K. K. Devasy, for having given us permission to carry on with this project when he became the Principal.
  • Father Sebastian James for having trusted our abilities and investing the charge of the script, the poems, the songs and the practices in us, and always being with us in whatever we did, not only for this project, but also before this in numerous fests and programmes.
  • The teachers-in-charge, Mrs. Jolly Bhaskar and Mrs. Sudha Jaiswal for their valuable guidance and support.
  • Mr. Rathikant Basu, for having helped us to get to Mr. Karim.
  • Mr. Karim, from Saregama for his cooperation.
  • Mr. Sounak Chattopadhyay for guiding me when required.
  • Mrs. Pranati Tagore, or rather, Pranati aunty for her able guidance to the speakers in the CD.
  • My parents and the parents of all the students who were part of this, without whose cooperation, this project would not have been possible.
  • I also thank all the guests present here, for having taken out their time to come to our programme.
  • Finally, I thank the almighty for having been with us throughout!