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Social Service

Being a part of the Social Service club has made me feel what 'community service' truly means. As a junior I always wanted to go to all classes and announce the week's Social Service collection and encourage my fellow students to donate generously.

At St. Xavier's, Social Service is taken very seriously. We have a committee of 15 boys from classes 7 to 12.Every two weeks we have a new collection and the boys donate generously. We are taught to 'Help the Needy' as our school anthem proclaims: "Helping the weak, the lame and the slow."

We are engaged in various activities throughout the year from community service at Little Sisters Of The Poor, Premdan, Ashaniketan and The Lighthouse For The Blind where we help the underprivileged children. We collect newspapers and items of daily necessities. The boys of class 8 screened a movie and exhibited it to raise money to buy a wheelchair, which we donated to The Little Sisters of the Poor.

We distributed blankets to the pavement dwellers in winters since the past 5 years. It has always been a very touching and a satisfying experience. Few of our ex-students, our Social Service Senior committee members accompanied by our Vice Principal, Fr. Sebastian James, Mr.D. Basu, Mr. R. Sequira and Mr. M. D'Souza helped us in this endeavour. I am extremely grateful to them for their help and constant support.

I would take this opportunity to thank the past president's of the club. Raghav Modi, Shrivats Khaitan and Ishan Poddar for inspiring me and motivating me to head the club. Last but not the least my committee members: Harkirat Singh, Vedant Ajmera, MihirShah, NaitikJain, Shubham Tantia, Devansh Gupta, Yash Kanoi, Dhruv Bajoria, Sidhant Loiwal, Keshav Parasramka, Vaibhav Agarwal, Vatsal Singhania, Dev Nathani, Om Ranga and Tanmay Manek.

Social Service has taught us a sense of responsibility, humility and dedication. Social Service will always be an integral part of my life even in the years to come. I will always be grateful to my alma mater for teaching me that "The sole meaning of the life is to serve humanity."

Anshuman Banka
President 2011-2012