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School Assemblies

The Magic of Assemblies

Assemblies are a part of our daily curriculum. We have our Assemblies on Day 1 and Day 4. Each Assembly is scheduled for 8 to 10 minutes. We started our Theme oriented Assemblies, based on different levels or groups, from the 21st of June 2011. These Assemblies have not only brought out a lot of talent but also helped the students gain a great deal of self-confidence. They have moulded the students to be confident on stage and also made young minds aware about so many unknown facts and aspects. For an instance - Assemblies on Thanks giving, Golden Manners, Reading, Smiling, Parents, Need for Prayer have taught the boys to be more disciplined and conscious in life. Each Assembly has a theme, a prayer, a song or a poem, a speech or a concept and any chart or graffiti. The Vice-Principal leads the Assembly with the Lord's Prayer and it is concluded with the School Anthem. The Class Teacher is responsible for preparing the boys and training them for the same. The Music teacher, along with other teachers, help the Class to prepare for their respective Assembly.

Special Assemblies: On special occasions we have Special Assemblies.
House Day Assemblies - These are Assemblies which are related to any House or the Patron of that House. In these Assemblies the House Representatives and Boys take part. The House Teachers actively get involved in training the boys for such kind of Assemblies.

Prayer Services - These Assemblies offer Special Prayers for someone. Recently we had a Prayer Service for Late Ms Marie Chatelier, our previous Prefect, who took her heavenly abode on the 17th August 2011.

Assemblies for Special Occasions - Special Assemblies are held on Special Occasions, such as on Rabindra Jayanti, staff farewell, Children's Day etc.

An Assembly not only helps a student gain confidence but also helps a teacher come up with creative and innovative ideas. It is a way of motivating the whole Class and bringing out the very best.