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Sansriti - Bengali Cultural Club
St. Xavier’s Collegiate School, Kolkata, celebrating its 150th year of glorious existence, and a living proof of withstanding the test of time had decided to pay homage to Bengal, which has nurtured it and helped it attain its present grandeur. The students decided to form a club, which would help in sharing thoughts, feelings and ideas on the present cultural crisis amidst the growing trends of moral degeneration and the decrepit social fabric of Bengali culture. The Principal, the Vice-Principal and the teachers saw in it an opportunity to inculcate in the students, a sense of responsibility towards their own society which would culminate in the contemporary Bengali walking down the path of a resurgent Bengal. This venture resulted in the birth of “SANSRITI”, a Bengali Cultural Club.


Board members:
PRESIDENT : Akashdeep Dey.
VICE-PRESIDENT : Prabudhya Bhattacharyya.
SECRETARY : Celestino A. Rozario.
PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICERS : Suprovo Tagore and Rohit Shome.
TREASURERS : Pushon Ghosh and Sankha N. Guria.
CONVENOR : Ayanjit Davidson.

Report on Sansriti '10

Sansriti, the Bengali Cultural Club of St. Xavier's Collegiate School had organised an inter-School Bengali Cultural festival on the 24th & 25th of June, 2010. The aim of the fest was to highlight and promote Bengali Culture and infuse in our youth the quest to know more about their own culture. The theme for this year was " Rabi Pranam - A Tribute to Rabindranath Tagore" to pay homage to this illustrious personality and alumnus of St. Xavier's, on his 150th birth anniversary. Eight renowned schools of Kolkata, participated in the festival, namely - Mahadevi Birla Girls Higher Secondary School, St. Thomas Girls School, Salt Lake School, Modern High School for Girls, La Martiniere for Girls, St. Lawrence High School, Shri Shikshsyatan and St. Xavier's Collegiate School. The fest was presented in association with TARA MUZIK. There were altogether eight events which included:
1.Eastern Music:- The event was telecast by TARA MUZIK and was judges by the well-known singers- Mrs. Pramita Mallick, Ms. Lopamudra Mitra, Mr. Manomay Bhattacharyay. St. Lawrence High School won the event followed by St. Xavier's Collegiate School. St. Lawrence performed two songs, "(Tomaro Ashime Prano-Mono Loye)" and (Nilo Onjono-Ghono Punjo-Chhayay)" with a spectacular combination of vocal and instrumental performances. The performers from St. Xavier's adequately rendered three vocal solos accompanied by instruments "Prathama Aada Shiva-shakti "-Dhrupad, (Prathama Aadi Taba Shokti)", and the vibrant song by Tagore "(Eki Labonnye Purno Prano)". Aniruddha Banerjee (St. Lawrence) and Akashdeep Dey (St. Xavier's) were declared the "Best Vocalists", Prabahan Basu (St. Lawrence) and Uttaran Ghosh (St. Xavier's) were declared the "Best Instrumentalists".

2. One Act Play:- The judges of the event were television actors, Mr. Arindam Ganguly. Mr. Chandan Sen, Mr. Shantilal Mukherjee and The participants got an opportunity to show their talents in the fields of scrip-writing (Based on a drama or short story by Tagore) direction and live acting. Some schools extended the scope of the event to dance-dramas. The first position was awarded to Shri Shikshsyatan School, and Modern High School for Girls being awarded 2nd position. Shalini Sen of Shri Shikshsyatan was awarded "Best Actor" and the director of Modern High School was declared the best.

3. Quiz:- The quiz master was Mr. Biplob Ganguly . St. Lawrence High School won the event followed by St. Thomas Girls School.

4. Recitation:- The event was judged by famous elocutionists Mr. Jagannath Basu, Mrs. Urmimala Basu and Biplab Ganguly. La Martini ere for Girls won the event followed by Salt Lake School. Sonia Roy of LMG was declared "Best Speaker" along with Pratik Gomes of St. Xavier's. They recited "(Sonar tori)" and "(Kripon)" respectively.

5. Geetanjali:- Judges for the event were the, eminent and renouned singer Ms. Swagatalakshmi Dasgupta, elocutionist Mrs. Pranati Tagore and television actor Mr. Soumitra Basu. The event and the thoughts surrounding it were highly exulted by Ms. Swagatalakshmi Dasgupta. As she said, "Not only did you Xaverians think deeply on Tagore's literature but also compelled the students of other schools to think deeply on him."The event was meant to showcase the cultural talent present in the schools, and it was. Each school put up a brilliant show with a perfect blend of songs, recitation, dance and enactment based on self-made scripts. The first position was secured by St. Xavier's followed by St. Lawrence.

1. Creative Writing:- The participants were given a well-known line writing by Tagore, "(Mahabishwe Mahakashe Mahakalo Majhe)", on which they had to base their essays. Vadavati Banerjee of Modern High School for Girls was awarded the first prize, followed by Moindrilla Haldar of St. Thomas Girls School. The judge of the event was Prof. Shubhasis Mondal of St. Xavier's College(Morning).

2. Still Photography:- The participants had to search for salvation in light, as the topic was " (Amar Mukti Aloy Aloy)". They had to prepare a wonder presentation of their photographs. The judges were Mrs. Sriparna Chakraborty, Mr. Sudip Chatterjee and Mr. Stephen Dolby. The photographers of Modern High School for Girls carried off the first prize followed by Mahadevi Birla Girls Higher Secondary School.

3. Painting:- The topic was "(Arup tomar ruper lilay jaage hridoypur)". The painting were judged by eminent painter, Mr. Indranath Bondyopadhyay. The first position was awarded to Malika Sen from Modern High School for Girls; Sumantra Talukdar of St. Xavier's won the 2nd prize.

Our guest performers were Mr. Sounak Chattopadhyay, who stunned the hall with his brilliant musical vocal performances and Mrs. Pranati Tagore, who won the hearts of the young school audiences with her emotional recitation.

The results of the event, Geetanjali were reflected on the result of the entire fest. The winner of the fest was St .Xavier's Collegiate School. The winners' trophy was passed on the first runner up St. Lawrence High School and the runner up trophy was passed on to the 2nd runner up Shri Shikshsyatan.

We were delighted and honoured to have Prof. Krishna Bose as our Chief Guest and her son, Prof Sugata Bose as our Guest of Honour. The Chief Guest presented the trophies to the winners.

Yet again, the fest proved to be a grand success and was highly commended by all those who participated and witnessed the event. It was our proud privilege to have in our midst so many luminaries as our judges and guests. We whole-heartedly thank them for sparing a part of their valuable time and enhancing our effort in paying tribute to Rabindranath Tagore. We also thank all our sponsors and partners. We shall remain ever obliged to them for supporting our cause.
Akashdeep Dey, President, Sansriti '10 Board.


Board members:

PRESIDENT:- Rahul Samaddar.
SECRETARY:- Sounak Bhattacharya.
PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICERS:- Animikh Roy and Som Shubhra Banerjee.
TREASURERS:- Aryyabrata Paul and Akashdeep Dey.
CONVENOR:- Suprovo Tagore.

In its maiden year, Sansriti organised an inter-school Bengali one act play festival. Some of the most acclaimed (English Medium) Schools in Kolkata were invited to the occasion and every one of them pledging their support to the cause, came forward to make Sansriti a success. Twelve schools participated in the day long event. The festival began with Fr. Jerome Francis, the principal of St.Xavier’s Collegiate School, lighting the lamp amidst the sound of applause enthralling the atmosphere. The inauguration ceremony saw the senior boys of St. Xavier’s perform the famous Rabindrasangeet, “Sheemar Majhe Ashim Tumi”, signifying the endlessness of Bengali culture, which flourished within the boundaries of Bengal. The theme of the festival was “cultural crisis among the Bengali youth”, keeping in harmony the motto of the club, “Creation amidst crisis”. The festival was judged by eminent personalities in the Bengali theatre world – Shrimati Bijoylakshmi Barman and Sri Chandan Sen, and television actress Shrimati Srila Majumdar.

The afternoon saw a beautiful collage of thoughts, ideas and opinions, staged on a single platform. After the break, the audience was entertained with a musical performance, put up by the senior students of St. Xavier’s and headed by Akashdeep Dey, the Treasurer of the club. All the songs performed were outsourced from various dramas of Tagore. After this, the one act plays continued to be performed by another set of schools. St. Xavier’s performed last, with Som Shubhra Banerjee putting up a brilliant performance, portraying the abstract character of ‘crises’. This won him the “Best Actor’s” prize. Sounak Bhattacherya, also of St. Xavier’s, won the prize for Best Director. The award for the best script went to Ritika Bose of Loreto House, for a magnificent performance, which Loreto House put up based on her script.

All the schools put up brilliant performances and the judges found it difficult to choose the winners. As everyone waited anxiously for the result to be declared, they were entertained with another musical programme, this time with an instrumental (fusion) performance, put up by two senior students of St. Xavier’s-Unmesh Banerjee on the Tabla and Subhagata Singha on the guitar. The first prize was awarded to St. Xavier’s Collegiate School. The second and third prizes were awarded to Loreto House and Shri Shikshayatan respectively. As a gesture of goods will St. Xavier’s passed the winner’s trophy to Loreto House, and Shri Shikshayatan was given the runners up trophy.

The programme, although marked by a few hiccups, due to load shedding, was quite enjoyable on the whole. We hope that we have been able to live up to our theme of “creation amidst crisis”. In this way, we aspire to serve of the good old days of Golden Bengal.

We would like to thank our sponsors and well-wishers for their generosity and untiring support, in our endeavours to steer “SANSRITI” towards success.