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Quiz Club : X-Quizite

The Xaverian Quiz Club has been an active, intellectual arm of the institution since the inception of quiz competitions in the 1960’s. The Quiz Club of this school has always been a vibrant, dynamic, prize-achieving body, no matter how many AVTAARS it had to go through.

At present, the club is being monitored by Mr. Andrew Singh, Ms. Sriporna Chakraborty and Mr. Brett Fernandes. The latter two teachers have also escorted some of our teams to the Quiz Venues.

Year 2012-2013

On the 24th July 2012 students from Classes 8 - 12 of St Xavier's Collegiate School Kolkata participated in Quizzard, a quiz organized by The Times of India and Metro Dairy at the St. Xavier's College Auditorium.

Over 80 schools took part in three sets of prelims which was concluded by a final of six rounds. Of the three Xaviers' teams that took part, one of our teams, featuring Anshuman Mohan of Class 12 and Shourya Dasgupta of Class 11 emerged winners and were victorious in winning the trophy.

It should-be noted that at the end of the fourth round our boys were no where near even third place, but suddenly came alive in the fifth round to briefly leap-frog everybody to the first spot. It was in the sixth and final round that Anshuman and Shourya literally ran away with the Quiz to finish comfortably ahead of the second placed team by over 50 points. Our boys are currently looking forward to more Quizzes in the coming months.

Year 2009-2010

In the academic session 2009-2010, the club has sent teams to face different intellectual challenges at different institutions. The competitions attended are as follows:

Participated Penguin Year Book Quiz – an intra school quiz held on 28th October, ’09.
Aviation and Aeroplane Quiz – held on 23rd October, ’09 at B.I.T.M., Kolkata, where the boys of Class 11 stood first
JAICO IZ’09, an inter school quiz held at St. James School on 23rd October, ’09
Linc Company Spelling Bee, an intra-school contest, held on 21st October, ’09.
Participated in Our Lady Queen of Missions CHIAROS QURO QUIZ on 13th October, ’09.
I.T. Quiz, an inter-school computer knowledge quiz held at Kala Mandir, on Sept. ’09, where St. Xavier’s stood first.
Xuberance ’09 Spelling Bee (5th July 2009): SXCS team finished in first place.
Xuberance ’09 Quiz (5th July 2009): SXCS team finished second among eight teams.
Star ESPN Spelling Bee – May – June 2009: On an All India basis, Anshuman Mohan ranked 7th, Robert Fernandez finished in the first 30. Both students of Class 9.