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Leadership Training Service

LTS History

Leadership training service (LTS) is a youth movement mainly for students in schools and colleges. It has a vibrant history of four and a half decades during which it has become a part of life for many young people in Bangladesh, India and Nepal. The vision of an organization to help students to develop their personality, promote their leadership qualities and inculcate in themselves social awareness and social responsibility, was conceived by a group of students at Goethal’s memorial school in Kurseong, Darjeeling, West Bengal. Within a short span of time, with the initiative of a number of dedicated LTS members, many LTS units sprang up in different parts of India.


The Leadership Training Service of St.Xavier's Collegiate School comprises students of classes 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12. The strength of the unit is all its dedicated members.


Initiation of the new members was carried out with lots of enthusiasm. The Headmaster pinned the badges onto the new members introducing them to the world of the LTS.

WORKDAY - November 2007

The workday was held at Frank Anthony Public School and the SXC unit contributed close to 5000 newspapers and lots of cards, tubes of glue, and old cotton sarees. The members visited the school a day before the event and got everything prepared. All the members worked in union towards the objective of the programme.

SANGAM - December 2007

Immense and active participation was seen as we all started preparing for the Sangam. As Board members visited each and every meeting, even on days of terrible weather, the Sangam volunteering Team was being shaped back in school.

Being the host for the event, Volunteers from all classes could be seen helping out in every field and giving their best to making each guest comfortable. Our members were part of many committees, especially Discipline, Stage, Lights and Sound, and Refreshments. All the members were enthusiastically looking forward to the event and almost full attendance was recorded for the unit at the function, contributing immensely to making Sangam the success that it was.

SANJEEVANI - June 2007

For Sanjeevani, St. Xavier's School was not only the host for the event but also the host for the function. Drugs Awareness was the theme and there were 3 visiting doctors who gave us a deep insight into drugs, addictions, and its misuse. A cultural programme followed this.

WORKDAY - November 2008

A workday was held in St. Xavier's School. The workday was in collaboration with Loreto House School. Old newspapers were used to make paper bags and greetings cards were also made. All the paper bags were given to the rag pickers, who sold them to earn some money. The greetings cards were sold to students in Loreto House School's annual fete. A newspaper drive followed this program and they were sold later.

OLD AGE HOME - 2008-2009

Students of class 11 and 12 visited Kalyan Ashram, an old age home run by Help-age India and spent time with the inmates there. Students went in batches often every Thursday for a month. The students served lunch to them. A musical program was also prepared every week.


St. Xavier's School, in collaboration with Kolkata police, took part in a drugs awareness drive. The students distributed pamphlets and stickers to pedestrians and motorists on Park Street and Wood Street. Interested pedestrians were also given an insight into the misuse of drugs and its ill effects.


The Mahasangam was celebrated on the occasion of completing 50 years of service to God and Country. The innaugruation was held earlier in the year and the centenary celebrations started from 26th December and ended on 30th December. St. Xavier's Collegiate School was the host for this prestigious 5-day event.

Optional attendance was given to students of class 10 and 12 due to their upcoming exams. Students of class 10 put forward their best service and their support was highly appreciated. All students of classes 9 and 11 attended the function.

Our school had taken up responsibility for Security, Discipline and Cleanliness on campus. These committees were made well before the program and the committees carried out their responsibilities with total dedication and efficiency. Mubasher Munir Ahmed of class 10 headed security committee and Mazhar Abbas Khan of class 11 headed the Cleanliness committee.

Our school students bought over a 100 raffle booklets, each carrying the value of Rs.125. Registration forme students started fromRs.30 toRs.175 based on their preference. All the students contributed generously towards the cause.

Due to shortage of manpower, the board of St. Xavier's Collegiate School was approached to take charge of the Sightseeing committee for the outstation guests. Although this was not part of our responsibilities, Baidurya Chatterjee, Arkodeb Banik, and Shaun Flannery of class 11 took charge and gave a tour of the city's tourist spots to 1100 students approximately over 3 days.

Divya Harlalka of class 10 was felicitated in the field of debating and Sidhant Goenka of class 12 in the category of social service and charity. Our animator Ms. Shahnaz Ishrat was also felicitated. Our animator Mr. Somnath Dhar was to be felicitated on the same day but was not in attendance. Overall, the Mahasangam was a grand success and the participation, support, and attendance of all Xaverians was highly appreciated and acknowledged.

LTS Cleaning DRIVE - November 2009

On 15th November 2009, around 200 students from 30 schools and 3 colleges in Kolkata had gathered at 8 am in Prabhu Jishu Girja – the LTS National Centre for the cleaning drive. 15 students from St. Xavier’s Collegiate School participated in this cleaning drive. Students were divided into 10 groups and along with the LTS animators from different schools cleaned up the roads and footpaths from Lotus More to Allen Gardens. The Councillor of Ward No.63, Mrs Sushmita Bhattacharya was the chief guest and she herself had actively participated in cleaning the road. Fr. Zenith William – The LTS national promoter and Mr. Jimmy Tangerie were a source of inspiration for all the students who made this cleaning drive a success. This cleaning drive had lead the common people to join the students in cleaning the 200 metre stretch of Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road.

LTS Goodwill Ambassadors - Oct 2009

On 30th October 2009, a few LTS’ers were given a unique opportunity to inform and educate the people of Kolkata about the socially active causes undertaken by their respective schools and private institutions in their locality. The medium of information was the radio. Mr. Jimmy Tangerie, the station head and radio jockey of Red FM 93.5 had taken the initiative to include a segment in his show ‘Dil Se’ where students could go live on air and report about the upcoming social events in their schools. These students were named Goodwill ambassadors.

Kashif Ahmed being a member of the LTS and a part of this initiative named Goodwill ambassadors represented St. Xavier’s Collegiate School and reported about the street play which was enacted on 7th November 2009 by the students of the school at Howrah Station, Sealdah Station and different malls in Kolkata. It was done to promote social and environmental awareness among the people of Kolkata. He also reported about ‘Zenith’, an intra fete organized by St. Xavier’s Collegiate School on 13th November 2009. It was organized to celebrate children’s day; and the proceeds of the fete had been donated to certain charitable organizations. Fr. Sebastian James, the Vice Principal of St. Xavier’s Collegiate School was a guiding light to all the social causes undertaken by the students and played a pivotal role in implanting all the plans.