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Vision Statement & Goals

  • To provide an integral formation
  • To enable the students to become men of action and reflection, rooted firmly in and inspired by the values of human dignity, equality, social justice and secularism.
  • To create in the students a sense of compassion for the weak and the powerless in society, love for all living creatures, concern for the environment
  • To encourage the students to do their best in the curricular and co-curricular programmes leading towards fuller personal growth and transformation.
  • To foster in them skills to live and work in harmony with those who differ from them in religion, caste, language, ethnicity, etc., and in case of conflicts, to resolve or manage them constructively
  • To create agents of Social change
  • To form them into spiritual leaders with a social conscience and with a sense of global solidarity.
  • To promote deeper bonding among the staff with a common mission.
  • To reach out to parents and to share with them our vision of education

Vision Statement for Secondary Education in Calcutta Province

In the context of emerging social, economic, political and cultural changes, the Jesuits of Calcutta Province in Secondary Education commit themselves in the light of the Gospel values and Ignatian Charism to transform the students into persons of competence, conscience, compassion, character and faith, in collaboration with teachers and parents, for building a better community.